The real difference that Maples Teesdale makes starts and ends with our people



Our highly experienced partners, many from large City firm backgrounds, are truly hands-on, and our approachable and friendly teams are thoroughly prepared for each client’s business. Together, their sharp focus on the commercial real estate market means that no other distractions exist, no conflicts arise and pragmatic advice to clients is centred and based on experience, sound research and sector expertise.

All of our people pull in the same direction, share common values and jointly celebrate the successes that make Maples Teesdale stand out in the UK commercial real estate sector.

We have developed a strong brand as the leading specialist City commercial real estate firm.

We punch above our weight in terms of the quality of our client base. We act for 5 FTSE 100 companies on their property matters and for 9 further FTSE 250 companies, providing our lawyers with high quality work that is both interesting and rewarding. We are proud of our collegiate working environment.

How to apply

If you are interested in joining us please send your CV and a covering letter to Marie-Claire Priestley

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