Green lease clauses – working with Bywater Properties

As part of our efforts to reduce the Operational Carbon of our buildings now and long into the future we have been implementing industry-leading Green Lease Clauses across our projects. Collaborating closely with Maples Teesdale LLP, we’ve been enhancing our Green Lease Clauses for our Paradise Project. Recently, we had the opportunity to discuss the development and implementation of these clauses with Anastasia Klein, Head of ESG at Maples:

“Green leases have evolved – we look beyond EPC provisions and environmental forums, to clauses that cover things like the collection and use of data, maintenance or achievement of green certifications, waste reduction and use of green energy or recycled material”.

“Collaboration between owners and occupiers, particularly in the most aspirational sites, is essential and green lease provisions offer a solid starting point and clear statement of intent”.

We wholeheartedly agree, and we will continue to work with Maple Teesdale to set the standard and enact Green Leases in our projects. If you would like to learn more about our Green Leases, read Daniel Mead‘s latest blog, or reach out to him, or Maples Teesdale LLP (Anastasia Klein, Neil Sagoo, or Scott Burn).

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