21 Oct 2021
21 Oct 2021

Bisnow London State of the Market


In line with other global cities across the world, London’s economy experienced a slow down in 2020 due to the effects of the global pandemic. But how is it faring today? What are the happenings on the ground for commercial real estate across London? CBRE’s growth platform has identified there is currently £41bn of capital seeking to be invested in London real estate, with 76 global investors able to transact in the excess of £200m.

We gathered the biggest names in London and global commercial real estate to give an all-encompassing update on where London is now, and where it will be tomorrow. We discussed:

  • The hottest asset classes that are becoming a key focus for investors right now.
  • Where we are seeing the deployment of dry powder in a post-pandemic economy.
  • How a growing digital economy is creating a new wave of occupiers.
  • How real estate is being enabled by big tech.
  • The latest innovations in creating healthy, responsive, green buildings.
  • If we are seeing a confidence return in the hospitality investment market.
  • How the London and global market will develop next year.