Commercial contracting

We have solid expertise in the drafting and negotiation of a range of commercial contracts central to the day to day operations of our clients’ businesses.

Expertise in the drafting and negotiation of a range of commercial contracts

Ancillary to the key transactional work undertaken by our Commercial Real Estate, Corporate Real Estate, Hotels and Construction departments, we have solid expertise in the drafting and negotiation of a range of commercial contracts – ranging from the operational day-to-day provision of services and goods, through to negotiating consultancy engagements, car park licences, f&b concept contracts, framework agreements for the provision of services across a property portfolio to name but a short selection.

We are pleased to provide our clients this service since it frees them up, enabling them to focus on other pressing matters whilst we negotiate their best position.

The types of contracts which we are regularly instructed to draft, negotiate and complete include:

  • Heads of terms
  • Terms of business (both standard and bespoke)
  • Hotel management agreements (UK and international)
  • Hotel franchise agreements (UK and international)
  • Restaurant franchise and management agreements (UK)
  • Licensing agreements (UK and international)
  • Technical services agreements (UK and international)
  • Various side letters relating to hotels operations – eg unfunded reserve, personal concessions,
  • Centralised services agreement relating to the provision by the operating brand of shared services to a hotel operation – eg sales and marketing, reservations, IT, HR services, provision of loyalty programme,
  • Branded residential document suite
  • Non disturbance agreements / comfort letters relating to hotels operations (UK and international) and otherwise
  • Hybrid leases / management agreements for co-working spaces around the City
  • Car parking management agreements
  • Filming contracts between brand and BBC / TV production companies
  • Artist commissioning agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements and Non-disclosure agreements (one way and two way)
  • Letters of intent
  • Memoranda of understanding
  • Contracts for the provision of goods and services
  • Purchase order terms and conditions
  • Codes of conduct
  • Celebrity chef engagement agreements
  • Acknowledgements of no indebtedness / claims

Contracts that we have most recently completed (at time of writing – August 2023) include:

  • Framework agreements for the provision of catering services, M&E services, IT services, operational services
  • Consultancy agreements for the engagement of staff/specialists
  • F&B concept contracts
  • Review of client’s contracts relating to engagement of security staff

Please reach out to any of us below. We’d be delighted to assist.

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