Thinking of CPO?

John Bosworth – Thinking of CPO? Establish the planning first Reading that the landowner has doubled the planning potential of a site acquired to enable the Brentford Stadium relocation suggests that battles may be ahead over the value of compensation too. Of course, doubling the number of units that can be achieved doesn’t mean that the land will be twice as valuable: that will be established once the squabbles over the site’s residual valuation have been resolved. However it is a fairly basic lesson that when promoting a CPO it is of utmost importance to establish the planning fallback for a site first, and to do so on a realistic basis. If you fail to do that, particularly in a regeneration area, be prepared for lengthy and convoluted applications to establish the site’s theoretical alternative planning potential. In turn this could significantly increase on the amount of compensation payable. #planninglaw #commercialrealestate #CPO #whererealestatereallymatters