Competitive Socialising

Competitive socialising is a key market sector now experiencing huge growth. Attracting customers with high disposable incomes looking for more than just a night out, these customers seek an Instgrammable experience to share with friends, family, colleagues or even a date. Think social darts, axe throwing, interactive golf, ball pools, shuffleboard and much more. Significant growth in this sector has brought with it large scale investment, changing the face of the retail and leisure industries.

Competitive Socialising 2020 brings together the key players in the sector. The event is brought to you by Home Leisure Direct, the UK’s largest specialist games product supplier, and is in partnership with RSM, Incite and Inntegra. Keynote speakers from across the industry will share insight on how to make your venues a destination for competitive socialising and the opportunities to increase dwell time, wet and food.