3 Aug 2020
3 Aug 2020

Maples Teesdale talking Furlough

By Charles Elgood

Sarah Greene and Charles Elgood, both Of Counsel at Maples Teesdale, talk about their experiences of furlough. Both took time out to take on childcare responsibilities when lockdown happened in March 2020 and in this podcast they discuss:

  • What did they enjoy most about it?
  • What did they find difficult?
  • How did the children react to them being around so much?
  • What did they learn during those months?
  • Did they start/restart any hobbies?
  • Does it make them look at their career differently?
  • What did they miss about work?
  • How are the children managing the transition back to work and school/nursery?
  • If we went back into lockdown would they do it again?