24 Sep 2020
24 Sep 2020

It's time to start Failing forward on diversity: In conversation with Ric Lewis of Tristan Capital Partners

By Anastasia Klein

Maples Teesdale and Bisnow in conversation with Ric Lewis of Tristan Capital

Ethnic diversity and inclusion is not required to succeed in business today — but it will be tomorrow. Truly enlightened businesses will make changes ahead of their shareholders, customers and staff demanding it of them. They will change the patterns, processes and behaviours that govern recruitment processes and internship and graduate programmes. They will cast the net so that it covers the widest possible pool of talent and encompasses people from different social backgrounds, varied experiences and different perspectives. They will be part of the solution and as such, they will truly be tomorrow’s winners.

On the 24 September 2020 Anastasia Klein interviewed Tristan Capital Executive Chairman Ric Lewis, in association with Bisnow, and discussed how Tristan built a business with an intentional culture that paves the way for diversity and what the real estate sector more broadly can do to solve its diversity problem as well as what one of real estate’s best investors thinks of the current market.