06 Feb 2019
06 Feb 2019

Bisnow’s – Women Leading Real Estate

On Wednesday 6th February, partner Dellah Gilbert moderated a panel discussion on Work-Life-Balance at the annual conference of Bisnow’s – Women Leading Real Estate. The conference covered many of the issues facing working mothers in executive roles. Although the majority of those attending were women, the takeaway messages apply to all working parents.

In an age where diversity is becoming increasingly important for investors, partners and customers, the discussion called on businesses to be demonstrably promoting diversity, by looking at how the culture of the business supports working parents. Strategies suggested included enhancing benefits, confidence coaching and mentoring by executive role models, as part of a shift in the culture of the business so working parents are supported in both loving their job and being a good parent.

For working parents, a number of messages stood out:
• We need to be present in the moment, whether at work or with our kids.
• We should not hide the fact that we have commitments outside work.
• We need to look after ourselves.
• We should learn to say no to events that are not beneficial to what we want to achieve.
• We should not apologies for having commitments outside work.
• Senior members of staff who are also working parents have an obligation to lead by example, becoming healthy and productive work models.

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